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West Valley Occupational Center

6200 Winnetka Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Phone: 818 346 3540 Fax: 818 346 3858

West Valley Occupational Center is committed to providing a quality career and technical education environment responsive to the needs of diverse student population in preparing them for gainful employment and continuing education. The West Valley Occupational Center Career Center provides you with all the tools you need to improve your resume`, interview well, and get a job using all your skills. The center takes pride in offering education and careers for new economy and has been guiding students to a flying career path for over four decades.

The West Valley Occupational Center provides learning opportunities and employment training to adults and in-and out-of-school youth. We offer short-term career and technical training, providing individuals with entry-level skills as well as upgrading skills to meet an ever changing job market.

The courses offered are:
• Medical Records Certificate Programs
• Computer Applications Classes
• Computer Programming Classes
• Medical Records Programs
• Legal Office Assistant
• Child care classes
• Cosmetology classes
• Automotive classes
• Graphic Communication Courses
• Building Contractor License Preparation
• Food Service/Bakery Occupations
• American Board of Opticiantry Exam
• State Nursing Assistant Examination
• Pharmacy Certified Technician Exam
• National Registry Examination (Emergency Medical Technician)

WVOC is also a regional occupational center to comply with state legislation. West Valley Occupational Center helps you prepare for your career with education that is affordable and accessible. We have over 132 internship opportunities available to students, and we have a high level of job placement. West Valley Occupational Center is located at 6200 Winnetka Ave., Woodland Hills 91367. It’s never too late to upgrade your skills; call us to find out more about our courses.

For more information call
West Valley Occupational Center
818 346 3540

or click here to email.

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