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Na Tarzanke - Russian Saturday School

6043 Tampa Ave., Tarzana, CA 91356
Phone: 818 667 2709

The Russian Saturday School, 6th day of education, is dedicated to expose young children and adults to Russian culture though a wide variety of programs. The school offers special programs for children of different ages. The facilities at the school include well-equipped classrooms, a spacious place for games, basketball court, and an open air space.

Diving into the world of art can help children develop creativity and artistic taste, discover their talents and creativity. The children’s school studio offers ballet, dancing, piano and vocal classes to nurture their artistic instincts. Accelerated learning gives children the opportunity to learn how to correctly write and read fluently and correctly speak Russian language. Attention is paid to developing children's speech by introducing them to a richer world of enriching Russian literature.

The school curriculum includes:

• Russian language
• Russian literature
• Advanced Math
• Drawing
• Russian theater-drama
• Music
• History
• Acting

Students living in remote areas of the school get a discount, offsetting the cost of gasoline. A family discount of 20% is given when the second child enrolls in the school. Also, the more classes you take the better discount you get! Lunch is also included.

Russian Enrichment Saturday school is located in Tarzana, at Woodcrest School. The address is 6043 Tampa Ave., Tarzana, CA 91356 and is open on Saturday from 9AM – 4PM. For more information please call, (818) 667-2709.

For more information call
Na Tarzanke
818 667 2709

or click here to email.


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